Julian Hyde
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Short Rules

Submit moves by tweeting @TopChessGames with the start and end coordinates of your move, i.e. “a1 a3” or “b8 to c6.” Every turn one legal move will be randomly selected. If no legal moves were submitted, the game will move at random.

Capture the king to win the game. There is no castling and no en passant. Checks are not announced. Moving into check is legal.

Long Rules

Top Chess Games plays a lot like chess, with a few exceptions (see below). If you don't know have to play chess, you can learn here. Submit your move to the bot and every turn, one move will be applied to the board. Capture the king to win.

How To Submit Your Move
Write a tweet that mentions @TopChessGames with your starting and ending coordinates. To find the coordinates of a square, use the guides on the side or reference the board below.

Starting coordinates must go before ending coordinates and it must mention @TopChessGames but beyond that, any format is acceptable. You can reply to one @TopChessGames’ tweets or write a new tweet. Some examples of acceptable ways to submit moves:

All those moves will be parsed the same, as a1 to g2. Some formats which wouldn’t work include: To see some moves which were accepted, you can look at @TopChessGames’ favorites. When a move is selected and applied, the bot will favorite that tweet.

How It Differs From Regular Chess
The game ends when the king is captured, not on checkmate.
A side can put itself into check or keep playing when checkmated.
No castling
No en passant captures.

Game Modes
The current game mode is Lottery: every turn the bot takes all submitted, legal, moves and applies one at random. If no moves were submitted or if all submitted moves were illegal, a move is generated at random. Moves happen roughly ever hour. There are currently no other game modes.