Julian Hyde
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Is This a Duck?

A game about opinions on what is and isn't a duck made for the 2016 Global Game Jam. You can see the high scores here. Code available on Github.

Prototype Showcase

A collection of 13 game prototypes made over 13 weeks.

Spaceonaut Spacethousand

Aliens have stolen the space tree! Guide the brave spaceonaut through their spaceship and recover it before running of air! Best played on Chrome. Also vital is Spaceonaut Spacethousand: Full Alphabet Edition.

Mystery Train

A point and click puzzle game. Navigate a mysterious train. Best played on Firefox.

Endless City

A Minecraft mod that replaces Minecraft's natural world with an infinite city.

What To Expect When You're Expecting Hive Spiders

A short twine game about feelings and spiders that live in your bloodstream. Trigger Warning: spiders, body horror.

Stag and Hare

A varient of Soho Stag Hunt that introduces elements of cooperation or going alone. Made with Lauren DeSteno.