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Object Get: Full Rules

What You Need

Object Get requires a cell phone that can receive SMS messages or access the internet. Important game information, like the Object’s location, will be posted @ObjectGet. A twitter account is not required to play! At the start of the game, send a text message reading "follow Objectget" to start receiving updates from the Object. You will not receive a reply to your text, but don’t worry, it is working. At the end of the game text 40404 with "stop" to end the messages.


At the start of the game you’ll be given a map of the play area and your team badge. The color and number of your badge is the color and number of your team. Badges must be worn on your outermost layer and on the the front of your body at all times. Temporarily concealing your badge, with your hands or arms, is permitted.

The Object starts the game in the possession of a neutral party. After the rules have been explained, players will have three minutes to disperse into the play area before the Object starts sending messages. Then the Object will post it’s location every three minutes.The Object will also post when it leaves the possession of the Neutral Party and who won at the end of the game.

To get the Object, tag it’s current owner. There is a panel with four colored buttons on the side of the Object – press your team’s button to take control of the Object and the color of the background will change to your team’s color. See diagram 1. After the Object has been taken, it cannot be taken again for 15 seconds.

Diagram 1: The Object’s buttons.

The Object must stay within the play area and outside at all times. Cutting through alleys or parking lots is allowed, going into parking garages is not. If the Object leaves the play area it will start to vibrate – immediately turn around and reenter the play area. Teams will not receive any points for time with the Object outside the play area. Players without the Object can go wherever they want. All players many only travel by foot, no other forms of transportation are allowed.

When someone takes the Object from you, you must walk or run to the intersection farthest from your current location, turn without crossing the street, and go to the next intersection before trying to recover the Object. See diagram 2. If this takes you outside the play area, you still have to do it. If there is any doubt about which intersection you should go to, the player who took the Object from you will decide.

Diagram 2: What to do when you lose the Object

The team which has held onto the Object the longest at the end of thirty minutes is the winner. At the end of the game the Object will post all of the teams’ scores and the ending location. The player who ends the game with the Object should return it too the ending location.