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2015 Prototype Showcase

In 2015 I took a class called Prototype Studio, where each week we were given a theme and had seven days to make a game prototype out of it. Here are all the games I made. Each of these games represents maybe 8 to 12 hours of work, so they don't always work great, but I think they're a pretty interesting collection all said. All are best played on Firefox.


Theme: Pressure
Move the blocks back and forth with the arrow keys, press buttons with the mouse. If any blocks fall outside the frame of the camera, you lose! This was the first one and it’s super rough but I kind of like the mechanic.

Stag Punx

Theme: Fan Game For a Game Made by a Female Developer
Move with the arrow keys, pick up balloons with z. I combined elements of Merrit Kopas’ Hug Punx with Holly Gramazio’s Soho Stag Hunt. It ended up more Hug Punx than Stag Hunt, but that’s ok. The song used here is Family Party by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Making Numbers Go Up Is Inherently Beautiful and Ethical

Theme: Integers
Aim with the left and right arrow keys. Try to clear the screen of all numbers. When you hit a number it’ll grow bigger and once it gets big enough it’ll disappear. This is probably the most “me” game that I’ve made so far this semester. It might crash your computer. Probably not in the browser version but, you know, maybe.

Exciting Jumping Game

Theme: A Surprise
Move with the arrow keys. This one works maybe 50% of the time but it was very educational to make.

Robot Adventure!

Theme: Make a Game that Will Make A Million Dollars
Q-W, A-S, and Z-X to customize your robot, move with the arrow keys, and fire with the mouse. Guide your robot to victory agains the final boss. This mechanic would totally work if it was connected to a full game.

All Weather Bicycle

Theme: Actual Release
Move with A and D. This is a biking simulator where your speed is based on the current temperature in New York City. Bennet Foddy, our instructor, posted all of the games made for this week online, so we all tried to make as put together a game as possible. You can see the games my classmates made over here. I think this turned out pretty good. If you can bike for about two minutes without crashing, you win!

Cooking by the Book

Theme: Food
You’re making a delicious cake! Follow the recipe and everything will be fine. Fail to follow the recipe and suffer a variety of terrible fates. Failing at different points of the recipe will trigger different terrible fates, so try to get them all! I was playing around with using photos in a game here and I rather like how it looks. Although if I did it in a real game I would want to take my own pictures instead of stealing stock photos from google images. Don’t tell nobody ok?

Polynomial Plaza

Theme: Your Last Game was Frog Fractions: What Now?
Learn about Polynomials with Polynomial Plaza, by the creator of Frog Fractions! Ok, that’s not true. It’s by me. Everybody got a different game from someone who made on big game and then had trouble following it up for this week. I spent a lot of time thinking about what interested Jim Crawford about games and how you follow up something like that. I think the fundamental problem with following up on Frog Fractions is that the magic of that game, and the thing which really interests Jim Crawford, is the wonder of finding things in your games you never expected. With problem being that once you’ve made a game like Frog Fractions, everyone will expect you break expectations. Expectations are a non-renewable resource. All of which lead to Polynomial Plaza – my prototype for a legitimately educational game. It teaches you about expanding and collapsing quadratic polynomial formulas. No secret twist.

I feel like this would be a good follow up for Frog Fractions for two reasons. First, once you’ve established that you can make a game without any twists, people will have no idea what to expect for your future games. Maybe it’ll be full of secrets! Maybe it’s legit! You don’t know! And second, if this educational game becomes popular and sixth graders across the country are forced to play it in school, eventually they’ll stumble across Frog Fraction and at first they’ll just think of it as a game by that guy who made that educational game. And then it’ll blow the top of their god damn brains out.

All Possible Tanks

Theme: Permanent/Ephemeral
This is a two player tank game where you drive your tank around and try to shoot the other player with your gun bullets. Every major variable in defined by the current unix time and is constantly changing. As such, sometimes the game is reasonable and fun to play and sometimes it is unreasonable and fun to play and sometimes it just don’t work at all. Sometime around the year 2090, the game will be rendered permanently unplayable as each player is trapped is inside an inescapable corridor. This game is sort of part of a series about games which rely on external variables - All Weather Biking was first game and 255 Lines of Code below is the final one.

Day & Night

Theme: Screenshot Challenge
A mancala variant where every few minutes it changes from day to night and holes with too many stones lose stones and those with too few gain some. From growing, you see? For this week I was given this screenshot

through a complicated system of bidding which you can see here. My task was too make a game which could logically produce that screen shot. You can see my attempt at making a day version of that design in the game. It’s not great.

225 Lines of Code

Theme: Less than 250 Lines of Code
Try to survive 225 lines of deadly code. You probably can’t, this game is very difficult. We voted on this theme, so we have no one to blame but ourselves. The code that’s falling are the actual scripts I wrote to make the game, falling down to and trying to kill you. This is because you can’t trust computer games.

Paralympic Class B1 Skiing

Theme: Olympics
This is a two player game. One player uses the F and J keys to move the skier left and right with their eyes closed. The second player stands behind them and tries to guide them so they don’t hit anything. I made this game because blind skiing is totally awesome.

Beautiful Portrait Maker

Theme: Portraits
Use some cool and useful tools to try and make the portrait on the right using the raw materials provided on the left. This is sort of a Become a Great Artist-like, a genre I would like to play around with some other time. Originally I used photos of my classmates but for this web edition I swapped in portraits of some dead white guys I found lying around.