Julian Hyde
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Twitter Algorithmic Timeline Extension

Rearrange your twitter timeline with the finest algorithms

I made the Twitter Algorithmic Timeline Extension for the Stupid Shit No One Needs And Terrible Ideas Hackathon in February of 2016. At the time there were some rumors flying around that twitter was planning on changing the service so timelines would no longer be chronological and instead be arranged by advanced algorithms. Since I didn't want to wait for twitter to ruin it’s service itself, I made this chrome extension that will do it for you. Using the finest random number generators content algorithms, it takes good tweets and puts them at the top of your feed and takes bad tweets and puts them lower down. It will even sometimes take bad tweets and replace them with better tweets. All in real time! Wow!

(This extension probably won’t crash your computer, probably. Maybe don’t leave it running for more than a minute though. Just to be safe is all).